Chlorella Tablets, 8oz

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Net Wt 8 oz - approx. 900 tablets
Each chlorella tablet contains about 250mg of chlorella

The Sunfood Difference™

Chlorella is a microscopic single-celled fresh water algae. Our chlorella is grown in an enclosed environment to avoid contamination. The rich emerald-green color of the tablets comes from the abundance of chlorophyll. Chlorella is a potent superfood that can help nourish the body.

Our Chlorella Tablets are pressed from chlorella powder. The chlorella is gently dried after harvest. Then the cell walls are broken using a unique, chemical-free centrifuge process, which allows for optimal absorption. The broken cell wall chlorella powder is then stamped into tablets.

Country of Origin: We source our chlorella from the cleanest sources in the world, South Korea or Taiwan. Each batch is tested in third party laboratories to ensure purity. Although the USDA does not currently provide organic certification for indoor grown chlorella, our chlorella is grown and processed to organic standards.