Oceans Alive 2.0 Marine Phytoplankton, 3.4fl.oz

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Oceans Alive® 2.0 Marine Phytoplankton
Phytoplankton has been around for nearly 3 billion years, and is the basis of all life formed on earth. Transforming CO2 into oxygen, it  is responsible for creating the earth’s atmosphere, and allowing life to flourish. This powerful microalgae is bursting with all the nutrients needed to sustain life on the cellular level. Every life-giving molecule that makes up the entire planet can be found in different strains of Marine Phytoplankton. The nano-sized nutrient particles are easily absorbed by the body, and quickly ready for use on the cellular level.

The Sunfood Difference
Using the latest technology and after years of natural selection, we’ve developed an ALL NEW FORMULA of Oceans Alive® Marine Phytoplankton. This advanced formula contains more SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD) than ever before. SOD is an incredibly potent antioxidant enzyme produced by virtually every cell in the human body; it reduces free radicals formed during normal metabolic cell processes, and protects against oxidative damage.

SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD)
Oceans Alive® 2.0 is loaded with SOD - an incredibly powerful antixodiant enzyme. Naturally occurring in the human body, SOD protects virtually every cell from harmful free radical toxicity and may also act as a powerful anti-inflammatory. SOD has been known to defend against oxidative damage in cellular, cardiovascular, mental, and immune systems caused by oxidative stress. Unlike antioxidants found in food, which are ingested to seek out and eliminate toxins, SOD works harmoniously with the body's systems and the antioxidants which naturally occur in it to prevent potential contamination. 

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Q. Does Marine Phytoplankton contain Iodine and how much?

A. Marine phytoplankton may contain trace amounts of Iodine that are considered to be negligible. Our testing results have not indicated any measurable amounts of Iodine.


Q. Can I stop taking my other vitamin and mineral supplements? Does Oceans Alive provide all the nutrition I need to replace them?

A. No. Oceans Alive is most beneficial to most consumers as an addition to their existing nutritional regimen rather than a replacementQ. How much sodium is there per serving of 15-17 drops?