Cedarwood Essential Oil 15ml

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Cedarwood Essential Oil

Juniperus virginiana

Cedarwood encourages tranquility and can help you relax at the end of the day. Popularly used in the perfume and skincare products, Cedarwood soothes the skin and calms the mind. It’s also a natural bug repellent.


Usage Tips:

  • After a difficult day, diffuse Cedarwood to create a relaxing environment. 
  • During your facial routine, add one to two drops to your facial toner or moisturizer to promote clear, healthy-looking skin.
  • Place a drop on a cotton ball and place in closet to keep moths at bay.
  • Before exercising, massage one to two drops into your chest to maintain vitality throughout your workout.
  • When a child wakes up scared in the night, apply to the bottom of feet to return to a peaceful feeling.

Bottle of Cedarwood oil. Cedarwood tree shavings. Learn how to use Cedarwood essential oil.

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What Does Cedarwood Essential Oil Help With?

The warm, woody, and somewhat balsamic aroma of Cedarwood essential oil is relaxing and calming. Due to its high concentration of the sesquiterpene alcohol cedrol, Cedarwood is one of the most grounding essential oils. You can enjoy Cedarwood’s relaxing qualities by diffusing Cedarwood for a calming aroma that helps you unwind before bed.

What Are the Health Benefits of Cedarwood?

Cedarwood has clarifying properties when used topically. Incorporate it into your facial skin care routine to help keep the skin looking healthy and clear. Use a drop on skin blemishes to improve their appearance. 

One of the traditional uses for Cedarwood is to repel bugs. Place a drop of Cedarwood on a cotton ball and keep it in your closet or storage boxes to repel moths. You can also add Cedarwood oil to mulch or topsoil to discourage insects. 

Cedarwood essential oil is often used as a base note for scents and perfumes. The aroma blends well with a variety of citrus and floral essential oils such as Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose and Lemon. 

Where Does Cedarwood Come From?

doTERRA Cedarwood is distilled from the wood of the hardy Red Cedar tree, which reaches heights up to 100 feet and thrives under difficult conditions. The aromatic, brownish-red wood is a remarkable material with powerful properties that come from tree’s essential oil content. Red cedar is purifying to the air and repels moths. Like the resilient tree it comes from, Cedarwood essential oil evokes feelings of stability, determination, and vitality.