Phyto Haircare

Behind PHYTO's dedication for beautiful and healthy hair though plant lies a long scientific path 
and unique formulation savoir-faire from plant to product.


PHYTO develops its formulas with expertly selected plants. Because one plant can boost the properties of another, 
PHYTO biochemists are constantly looking to create the highest performing combination of botanical ingredients.
Pioneer products in the field of natural beauty - PHYTOPOLLÉINE botanical scalp treatmentis the best example 
of this art of dosage and mixing. It combines, in a 100% botanical formula, aromatic essential oils and plants extracts 
with treatment benefits which ere selected for their complementary and ideal synergetic actions.


The PHYTO Laboratories produce their own plant extracts 
with a rigorous methodology and thanks to high performing proprietary techniques 
that concentrate the unique power and infinite benefits of the plants. 
This unique savoir-faire allows them to extract the most active part of the plant 
(leaf, flower, stem or root) based on strict performance criteria (including safety) 
and to use in the most effective concentration.