About Peter Louis

The Peter Louis journey began in 1997, I started working at the John Barrett salon in Bergdorf Goodman New York. I was suddenly immersed in the Fashion industry, working on photo-shoots and meeting celebrities. When I had the opportunity I opened my own hair salon on 57st and Lexington. I named the  Salon Peter Louis after me Peter and my little brother Louis, God rest his soul. We were open for 15 years and very successful. 

After I opened my salon in 1999, I began traveling the world and noticed that I felt healthier and stronger in the many countries I visited. My search for optimal health began. Since that time, I have learned many ways to stay young and healthy.  In 2014 I closed the 57st Salon to focus on e-commerce.

In 2017 we developed and branded a line of sustainable hair brushes and Bombshell Brush was born. The brand is know for high quality hair brushes that are light and durable.

Since Peter Louis was built on a foundation of friendly one on one customer service, it is our most important guiding principle; We treat every customer just like we do our own friends. So whether or not you decide to try our Products, thank you for taking the time to read this and get to know us better. We’re looking forward to being friends with you soon!