Bombshell Vent Brush Nylon and Boar Bristles — Curved, Zin Zagged Vented Hair Brush for Blow Drying, Styling, Detangling, Natural Rubber Flex Vented Brush for Women and Men

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Bombshell Flexible Vent Brush comes in two styles with boar and Nylon bristles or just Nylon Bristles. These vent brushes are great for detangling wet or dry hair. The are made with an ergonomic anti static rubber for extra grip and control.

  • VENTED DESIGN – The zig-zagged style allows for adequate airflow as heat easily passes through the hair brush vented design while blow-drying. Due to this innovative design, your hair, scalp, and brush will only be exposed to minimal heat, preventing possible damages.
  • FLEXIBLE STRUCTURE – Bombshell's vent brushes are flexible enough to bend perfectly to meet the contours of your head. It massages the scalp effectively for natural oil production: hence aiding in promoting hair growth, reducing static, and preventing breakage.
  • NATURAL RUBBER & PREMIUM FINISHING – The vent brush for hair is made of natural rubber and finished with a premium soft coating. It is incredibly comfortable and easy to grip as it is just the right size: 9.5 inches length x 2.75 inches width x 0.75 inches bristle length.
  • DETANGLES EFFORTLESSLY – The vent hair brush will detangle any hair smoothly with its nylon and boar bristles. Kids, adults, and the elderly can use it for effective and pain-free combing without split-ends or irritation to the scalp. In addition, it is highly durable due to its top-notch quality.
  • SALON GRADE STYLING – You can have salon-level hair styling at home with the curved hair brush. It will help you add volume to your hair and give you the desired hairdo in no time. Blow drying, straightening, and styling would be super easy. The flexible brush is your go-to hair tool.